Fire & Explosion Investigations/


Origin & Cause, Materials, Mechanical, Electrical, Combustion Engineering     
Scene Analysis and Reconstruction
Hypothesis Testing – Engineered Models, Demonstrations     
Evidence Collection, Analysis and Storage                        
Buildings, Machinery, Power Generation, Fixed Equipment 
Mobile Equipment – Trucking, Cargo, Construction & Forestry Equipment, Vehicular, Marine 
Protection Systems – Fire/Smoke Alarms, Sprinklers, Building Design, Codes     
Injuries & Death                 
Arson Determinations       

Product Defect Analysis

Consumer Product Defects
HVAC Equipment Failures
Electrical System Malfunctions 
Original Product Design Modifications 
Product Recall Research

Building Codes: Including Mechanical, Plumbing, Fuel, Chimney, Safety, and Fire

Claims of code non-conformance is often asserted in civil and criminal litigation. Although unlicensed public officials may render opinions on behalf of public entities, proper licensure is generally required by private experts. Licensed engineers and architects meet state regulations and are considered qualified to provide code opinions as to compliance and non-compliance. Non-licensed individuals are generally prohibited from asserting opinions. Canney Brook’s licensed engineers investigate the evidence associated with a loss and accurately determine whether non-compliance with any codes caused or contributed to the incident.

Agribusiness & Forests

Forestry & Construction Equipment Accidents and Failures
Greenhouse Facilities, Mechanical, Electrical, & Mobile Equipment
Fire, Explosion, Pesticide & Chemical Release
​Workplace Injuries       

Electrical Equipment Failure Analysis

Grounding and Lightning Protection
Electrical Fire & Explosion Causation
Electrical Systems Risk Assessments
Electrocution and Electrical Shock Hazards
Stray Voltage and Ground Plane

Machinery, Equipment, Appliance Defect Evaluations

Canney Brook Engineering
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Mold & Mildew Causations

External Sewer and Water Piping Failures
Ground Water Events
Mechanical Equipment and Plumbing Systems Failures           
Appliance Failures
​Building Design and Construction Defects


Vehicular Accident Investigations

Fire and Explosion Analysis

Heavy Mobile Construction Equipment Analysis

​Auto, Truck, Motorcycle and Boat Failures, Explosions, & Fires

Forklife, Crane and Material Mover Accidents

Mobile and Fixed Crane Failures

​Fraud Investigations

Material Analysis

Corrosion Failures
Material Fatigue Failures

Worker Injury, Industrial Safety Analysis

Production/Manufacturing Systems/Safety Analysis
Facility/Process Hazard Evaluation      
Design Integrity Analysis
Manufacturing Performance and Process Safety
Plant, Reconstruction Site Monitoring
Plant Operational Analysis
Construction Site Safety Hazards
Machine Guarding & Lock Out

Experience makes the difference.

Canney Brook collaborates with clients, keeps clients informed, and provides clients with decision making information. This information allows a client to procede competently based on the event's evidence. Investigations which have been compromised by spoliation are well documented to preserve the clients rights. 
Since losses reflect a wide range of financial, social, and physical implications, investigation are individually tailored to the clients needs. Efficient deployment of resources insures all clients receive value based outcomes. Collaborative strategies are employed which mitigate complex exposure risks, provide knowledge based advantage, and increase or preserve financial returns. 

Our experts are recognized leaders in their fields based on experience, education, competence, and diligence. Our investigations and reporting protocols insure our experts deliver compelling evidence based opinions as to the origin and cause on an event. 

Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC Machinery

Freeze Events and Water Releases
Domestic and Process Piping Failures and Releases                        
Boiler Malfunctions, Failures, and Destructive Events
Plumbing Failures
Power Generation Equipment Failures 
Vehicle Engine Failures and Related Events  
Pump and Valve Failures and Events   
Appliance Failures, Water Releases, Electrical Effects & Fires                  
​System Control System Failures                                                       
HVAC System Failures                                                         
Construction Equipment Failures and Accidents                           
Forklift, Crane and Material Mover Accidents           
Equipment Guarding and Lockout Injuries                  
Consumer Product Defects                                                
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Failures